Integrating with PayPal

Site owners are able to set up a payment gateway through PayPal to reduce payment processing fees. 

Step 1: Navigate to the settings section using the menu on the bottom left.

Step 2: Select the integrations section from the settings list.

Step 3: Locate Paypal from the integrations list.

Step 4: Click "connect".

Step 5: From there, login with paypal. If you do not yet have one, create an account on the PayPal site first.

Step 6: Access this link to create the app:

Step 7: Once logged in, click on the “Dashboard.”

Step 8: Go to “my apps and credentials” tab.

Step 9: Create a new app. Enter app name and press “create app” button.

Step 10: Click on “show” under “Secret.”The Client ID and Secret are then created.

Step 11: Copy the Client ID and Secret and navigate to the Miestro site.

Step 12: Enter the Client ID and Secret in the text boxes in your Miestro account; press "save".

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