How to Disconnect Stripe

We don't recommend disconnecting if you have already accepted payments unless absolutely necessarily. Make sure to review this entire article before proceeding. 

Before disconnecting Stripe, there are a few things to be aware of:

  • When disconnecting Stripe, you will remove the link between Miestro and Stripe for any students that have already purchased subscription or payment plan products. This means they will continue to be billed in Stripe, however, their enrollment duration will no longer update in Miestro as payment is processed. Students will automatically lose access to their subscription and payment plan courses at their next billing date.
    To manage this with as little inconvenience to your students as possible, we recommend continuing to bill students in your original Stripe account (this will occur automatically) and manually manage the enrollments in Miestro:
  • For students with a payment plan or subscription, remove their course expiry date by re-enrolling them into your course/bundle. This will give them unlimited access to your course.
  • For subscriptions, students will continue to be charged in your original Stripe account and then you can manage enrollment manually in the case of a cancellation or failed payment.
  • Payment plans will need to be manually cancelled in Stripe once all payments are complete. Since Miestro and the original Stripe account are not connected, Stripe will continue to charge the student indefinitely unless manually cancelled. We recommend setting up a calendar notification to remind yourself to make these updates in Stripe.
  • If you will no longer be using Stripe, make sure to integrate PayPal before disconnecting Stripe.
  • If you have a new Stripe account, make sure to reconnect the new Stripe account right away to ensure that any purchases made on your site has a place to go. If a student makes a purchase while you do not have a Stripe account connected, it is difficult and takes time for us to recover those funds for you. If your site is live, you can temporarily Hide your course to prevent any purchases during this transition period.
  • If you connect a new Stripe account, you must re-create the subscription plans in order for the new pricing data to be sent to Stripe. Failure to do this will result in Stripe payment failures. For example, if a student tries to purchase a course after you've connected a new Stripe account without saving new prices, Miestro will attempt to connect the student to a plan that was in your previous Stripe account, which no longer exists. 

What if I want to move existing students to a new payment option or new Stripe account?

Alternatively, if you want to transition your students to a new method of payment, you can manually end enrollment and cancel the subscription in Stripe for each student. Then you can ask your students to sign up again with your new pricing.

To help with this transition, we recommend:

  • Contacting your students to let them know what to expect and how to repurchase the course. Note that students who have already finished their payment plans or made one-time orders in the past will not need to take any action.
  • Creating a month free coupon to encourage students to complete the checkout process again. Note that our built in coupon feature will only work if you are connecting a new Stripe account.
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