Editing Your School Room Settings

Editing Your School Room Settings 

Step 1: Go to the settings on the left side of the Dashboard.

Step 2: Click on School Room Tab.

Step 3: Choose your theme, either Light or Dark Mode.

Step 4: Choose the Classes you want to appear on your main banner. You can select either the 1-course option or the 4-course option where you can select up to 4-courses on the scrolling banner.

Step 5: Choose the image for each course you want to feature on the banner and the course associated with it.

Step 6: Select your primary color for the School Room buttons and labels.

Step 7: Choose your Theme Font:

Step 8: Upload your logo and Favicon.

Step 9: Save and then Preview your School Room.

Step 10: Addition Menu links can be added to the Menu under the "Header Links" tab. Footer links can be added to the footer of your School Room under the "Footer Links" tab. You can make any adjustments to your Privacy Policy and Terms under the "Terms and Privacy" tab.

This video will show you how to edit your new School Room settings

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