How To Add A Conditional Split To Your Automation

How To Add A Conditional Split To Your Automation

Step 1: Click on the plus symbol (+)  where you want the conditional split added to your automation.

Step 2: When the window to the right opens, scroll down to the Logic section and select the "Conditional" option.

Step 3: When the window opens, you will first select if you want the condition to apply to 'any' or 'all' of the conditions created.

Step 4: Next you will add your first condition by selecting from the left drop-down menu. 
  • You will notice there are a variety of options and the other dropdowns will change based on the initially selected criteria.

Step 5: You can add multiple conditions by clicking the "Add Conditions" button.

Step 6: Click Save. This will take you back to the automation and you will see the two paths of the conditional split.

You may now continue building the automation for each path of the split.

This video will show you how to add conditional splits to your automation.
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