How to create a Webhook

This article will teach you how to easily create and integrate Webhooks with your Miestro School rooms. 

Webhooks are a way for applications to communicate between them automatically and trigger specific events. On Miestro you can trigger 9 different events with Webhooks to optimize your processes. 

Step 1: In your Miestro account go to settings and at the bottom you will find the Webhooks

Step 2: Click on create new Webhook button 

Step 3: Enter a valid Webhook URL from a third-party application and select an Event Trigger from the list. Make sure to include the correct web protocol (https or http) in your Webhook URL.

Step 4: Once done, click the green save button at the bottom right to save your Webhook

Your webhook is now set up! When the event type you have chosen occurs, it will fire off a webhook event.

Step 5: To edit or delete a Webhook navigate to the Webhooks page from settings and click on the edit and delete icons from the actions bar. 

Data Returned From Webhooks : Following are examples of test data that would be returned for different types of events.

Sale Free 

Sale One Time 

Sale Recurring 

Member Created 

Member Deleted 

Course Completed

Course Published 

Course Unpublished 

Course Deleted 

NOTE: Third-party customization are not catered for in the scope of customer care and what we can support. Maintenance, or troubleshooting of custom code is not in our control and we cannot offer help in this regard. Furthermore, we cannot ensure the functionality or compatibility of any changes made via custom code with the current or future versions of Miestro, including how the code functions or how it appears on mobile and web browser.
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