Landing Page Builder 2.0

Landing Page Builder 2.0

Here are some updates that we’ve made.

  • All the elements and sections are still on the left-hand pane. 
  • The forward and back buttons, preview buttons, and the desktop, mobile device, and save buttons have been moved to the top right.
  • As you click on the elements, it drops you down to the applicable section.
  • About 15 sections have been added that you can choose from to add to the pane on the left, in addition to the standard sections that appear for all courses. These include the following sections:
    • Hero
    • Text with image
    • Testimonials
    • Text with video
    • Features
    • Text one column
    • Text two columns
    • Text three columns
    • Image column
    • Video column
    • Image gallery
    • Logo list
    • FAQ
    • Countdown
    • Custom code
  • The Settings sections include Change Favicon, Change Typography, Change SEO, and Change Analytics. 

This video will provide you an overview of the Landing Page Builder 2.0. 

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